“I am pleased to report that my long relationship, first with Michelle Wolfe, and, over time, the team she has patiently brought together and cultivated at Meritus, has been an especially satisfactory one.  Meritus, today, represents the very essence of what it means to be a fiduciary, which has been mostly abandoned in a race to scaled profitability.   Meritus’ culture is imbued with selflessness, dedication to optimal objective and subjective decision-making, and long-term family success.”

“The team at Meritus are the best in the business. They act with care, technical excellence and depth of experience that is truly outstanding.”

“Meritus is a very hands on and dynamic organisation, with good attention to detail. Their directors and staff are a delight to work with.”

“Michelle is the go-to Trustee for ultra-high net worth families. She has a wealth of experience and is supported by a first-class team at Meritus in Bermuda. Michelle is more than just a trustee – she is a trusted advisor and confidante to the families that she looks after. She is also very tough and is quite prepared to stand her ground. She is very good at getting the best out of people, whether they are other professionals, co-trustees, bankers, or family members.”

“Sara brings a fine legal mind to everything she does, and her ability to think strategically is a major asset. She has excellent interpersonal skills, and her work ethic is exceptional.”

“Gina’s international legal and fiduciary background as a lawyer working with private clients in both onshore and offshore environments is a definite asset to her work in cross-border philanthropy. She is quick to spot and raise issues that present risks in the increasingly demanding international regulatory and legal environment.”

“Our family has worked with Allan for over 15 years and we have found him to be extremely knowledgeable, not only about accounting and fiduciary matters, but also about our structure, how we function and what we need as we grow.  Allan and the Meritus team truly care about our family and we appreciate their responsiveness, honesty and continuity.  We have a comfort level with Allan and our team at Meritus that I don’t think we could duplicate with any other trust company.”

“Meritus is an outstanding trust company who has a deep understanding of the needs and requirements of settlors and beneficiaries”


STEP Private Client Awards 2023 – Trust Company of the Year (midsize firm) Winner
  • Citywealth Powerwomen Award for Woman of the Year 2023 – Trust Services – Bermuda
  • Citywealth IFC Awards 2023 – Trust Company of the Year – Caribbean (shortlisted)
  • STEP Private Client Awards 2022 – Trust Company of the Year (midsize firm) finalist
  • Citywealth IFC Awards 2022 – Trust Company of the Year – Bahamas, Bermuda & Cayman (shortlisted)
  • 2021 RG Top Ten Employers Awards, Bermuda – Fourth place
  • Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2021 – Trust Company of the Year – Boutique (shortlisted)
  • Citywealth IFC Awards 2021 – Trust Company of the Year – Bahamas, Bermuda & Cayman (shortlisted)
  • Citywealth Magic Circle Awards 2019 – Trust Company of the Year-Boutique (shortlisted)
  • Citywealth Powerwomen Awards – Company of the Year – Female Leadership (SME) – Bronze award, 2018
  • Independent Trust Company of the Year for STEP Private Client Awards, 2015