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Randall Krebs Speaks at 2014 Transcontinental Trusts Conference
June 19th 2014
Randall Krebs, General Counsel at Meritus Trust Company, spoke at the 2014 Transcontinental Trusts Conference.

From the Website: 
The global political drive towards an “on request” model of information exchange, where countries have to entice the other to transfer data, to one where it is exchanged automatically, has continued to lead the agenda for IFCs in the last 12 months.

This background, plus the realities of the onset of FATCA have meant that the offshore world continues to be under severe pressure to reform and re-evaluate the way that it operates.

In response, IBC’s 29th annual Transcontinental Trusts conference is delighted to bring you a hugely ambitious programme for 2014.

Featuring more expert speakers than ever before through interactive debates, interviews, streams and in-depth case studies.