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‘High level of interest’ in Bermuda at STEP LatAm conference
October 1st 2012
Representatives from Business Bermuda have just returned from Panama where they spent last week at the STEP LatAm Conference.

More than 300 attendees from across Latin America, the Caribbean, US and even Europe and Asia gathered in Panama City to discuss trends, challenges and opportunities in the Trust and Wealth Management sectors of Latin America.

Representatives from Business Bermuda, HSBC, Capital G Bank, Butterfield Trusts (Bermuda) Limited, Appleby, and Meritus Trust Company Ltd attended to represent Bermuda as a premier jurisdiction and highlight the advantages of Bermuda.

Yelena Packwood, marketing and sales executive of Business Bermuda, and Randall Krebs, general counsel of Meritus Trust Company, distributed information and advice to those considering Bermuda for their business needs.

“The STEP LatAm Conference has presented a wonderful opportunity for Bermuda,” Mr Krebs said. “Across the world, Bermuda is known as a leading jurisdiction for Trusts and Estate Planning. However, I have observed at this conference that Bermuda is not always the jurisdiction of choice for advisers in Latin America, and accordingly, it is not as well known as other competing jurisdictions.

“I have seen an overwhelming response to Bermuda’s presence at the event as those in attendance are eager to learn more about what Bermuda has to offer.”

“Real business has been generated for Bermuda at The STEP LatAm Conference this year,” Ms Packwood stated, “Other jurisdictions, especially those in the Caribbean, have begun taking advantage of the rapid growth in Latin America, and as such, I found a very high level of interest in not only learning more about what Bermuda has to offer but beginning the necessary steps to bring their business to Bermuda. I am optimistic about Bermuda’s current and future role in Latin American markets.”

Source: Royal Gazette